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Roundtable of Commonwealth Countries lauds Dominican Today

Alvaro Sousa, Gabriel Rodriguez, Marcos Peña Rodriguez, Jean-Michel Caroit.

Santo Domingo.- The online newspaper Dominican Today was recognized by the Round Table of Commonwealth Countries in the Dominican Republic during a luncheon hosted yesterday in the Santo Domingo Country Club.

The online media was recognized for its contribution in projecting the Dominican Republic toward the 54 Commonwealth countries in the world, thereby promoting bilateral, economic, and political relations and social ties with those nations.

The award was presented to Jorge Pineda, Editor of Dominican Today by the President of the Roundtable of Commonwealth countries, Fernando Gonzalez Nicolas, accompanied by British Ambassador in the country, Steven Fisher.

When reading the recognition, Gonzalez Nicolas said despite that many Commonwealth countries are geographically distant from the Dominican Republic, Dominican Today is an instrument that carries the message of Dominicans to those nations. He cited countries such as Britain, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, among others.

Meanwhile Pineda, Editor Dominican Today said he appreciates the recognition by the Round Table members and took the opportunity to announce a significant increase in the number of readers from the Commonwealth countries. As an example, he cited a total of 721,000 visits to the outlet, just during last November.

In addition to the British Ambassador, also present in the award ceremony were Dominican Today President Monika Harel, Marcos Peña, Past President of the British Chamber of Commerce, Gabriel Rodriguez, Superintendent of Xtrata Nickel - Falcondo, Alvaro Sousa president of the Chamber of Commerce of Trinidad &Tobago, and Jean Michel Caroit, of newspaper Le Monde, among others.


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