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Dominican Republic must forge pact to develop natural gas

Jose Del Castillo, Fernando Gonzalez Nicolas.

Santo Domingo.- The president of the Round Table of Commonwealth Countries in Dominican Republic on Thursday urged the Government to forge a partnership with the private sector to develop the natural gas industry.

Fernando Gonzalez Nicolas made the request in the seminar “Present and Future of Natural Gas in the DR,” where Industry and Commerce minister José del Castillo admitted that rising prices has led to a slump in demand for natural gas.

Del Castillo said natural gas is still the most attractive alternative, and that it’s the fuel of the future.

"The price increase led to a reduced increase in demand for this type of use, but today despite its price it’s 30% cheaper than propane, 60% cheaper than diesel and around 80% cheaper than regular gasoline," the official said, noting that expectations are lower prices.

For Gonzalez, the development of natural gas requires huge investments, meticulous planning, and the necessary loan guarantees. "We need to join efforts and have more efficient available resources for the natural gas industry’s healthy and profitable development."

He said natural gas fuels three major power plants; 65 businesses use it in their production process, and by more than 10,000 vehicles, “and its use is rising every day.”

The business leader added that Dominican motorists will count with 20 natural gas stations by year end.


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