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Round table invites vice-presidential candidates

Santo Domingo.- The Round Table began a program of invitations to the vice presidential candidates in order to learn the plans have their respective parties in terms of foreign investment and export promotion. The program was started by Luis Abinader of Partido Revolucionario Dominicano (PRD who announced that a government headed by Hipólito Mejía will create a council to foster investment and productive development reducing bureaucratic obstacles that affect climate business in the country.

Abinader speaking at the breakfast organized by the Roundtable indicated that Mejia would submit a bill to Congress to create the "Administrative Law of Silence," which in his opinion would expedite the process approval of permits, administrative corruption and slow down would stimulate domestic and foreign investment. He said that the legislation would enable a process to be considered acceptable if within a certain period, which could be no more than four months, the public agency has not given an answer one way or another.

As part of efforts to streamline the process of investment approval, Mr. Abinader said it also provides for the creation of a single window where the services of all public bodies that deal with the evaluation and approval investment projects. Abinader finally said investment promotion and exports development are top priority for his party.


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