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India Chamber of Commerce in Dominican Republic is restructured

Angel Delgado Malagon, Jay Najar, Wilhelm Brouwer; Fernando González Nicolás, Eulogio Santaella, Julio Cepeda, Edmundo Gil, Jabar Singh, William Lockward.

Santo Domingo .- A new Board of Directors of the India Chamber of Commerce in Dominican Republic was elected during the annual members meeting held in January in Santo Domingo.

Eulogio Sántaella of Santaella y Asociados, was chosen President of the new board; Wilhelm Brouwer of Viamar as Vice-president; Fernando González Nicolas, of Consorcio Comercial del Caribe as Treasurer, and Angel Delgado Malagon, of the Law firm Delgado Malagon as Secretary.

As Directors are Campos de Moya, of Grupo Vicini, Jabar Singh de The Cliffs, Edmundo Gil, of GTC Internacional, William Lockward, of Agencias Navieras BR, Elis Perez of Scotiabank; Julio Cepeda of J T Motor Company among others.

Deepak Bhojwani the Ambassador of India for the Dominican Republic was elected Honorary President. Also Bhojwani was instrumental in the reconstruction of the chamber.

Past president, Jay Najar is awarded a plaque as farewell as founder of the organization.


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