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Dominican Trade Minister attended Commonwealth meeting

The president of CCC speaking at the breakfast was offered to representatives of the public and private sectors of Trinidad. Among others attended the breakfast the Minster of Trade of Trinidad, Stephen Cadiz, the CEO of Atlantic LNG, Oscar Prieto, the President of the National Gas Company, Andrew Mac Intoch, the Executive Director of the Energy Camber Dax Driver and other representatives.

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago .- The Minister of Industry and Commerce of the Dominican Republic Manuel Garcia Arevalo lead one of the most effective business mission to promote trade and investments in the Caribbean and the Commonwealth.

Garcia Arevalo, along with the delegation of local officials and businessmen who accompanied him participated in a number of activities at Caribbean Business Forum which was organized by the Commonwealth Business Council.

The mission was able to make significant progress identifying LNG for Dominican Republic power sector , the reactivation of the Free Trade Agreement between CARICOM and Dominican Republic and to begin linkages with institutions which are influential in the 54 countries of the Commonwealth in the world . Minister Garcia stated that one of the main objectives of the Dominican Government to identify new sources of natural gas for purposes of supplying industry, transport and electricity generation.

He said that in his first visit to Trinidad was able to realize the production capacity of this country that counts as a producer of natural gas. Trinidad and Tobago is one of the leading natural gas producers in the world and currently is the largest supplier of Dominican Republic.

The delegation accompanying the Minister García Arévalo was comprised of 41 local businessmen representative of the most active organizations in Dominican Republic, included from the official sector the Deputy Minister Jose del Castillo, the Director of Hydrocarbons Rafael Lopez , while the private sector by Roberto Herrera of the Electric Company of San Pedro de Macoris and the British Chamber of Commerce , Jose Rodriguez of Haina Power, Osmar Benitez of Junta Agroempresarial Dominicana, JAD, Kai Shoenhals of the Vicini Group and President of the Dominican Exporters Association , ADOEXPO, Federico Reyes Chamber of Commerce of Trinidad and Fernando Gonzalez President of the Commonwealth Roundtable in the Dominican Republic among others .


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